The Diba Wow Za Boot And Why I’m Hooked On Hooker Boots

Hooker boots be warned, the Diba Wow Za’s in town!

It was about 2009 when I noticed how many broads were sporting over the knee boots.

At the time, I was like “Sistah, does a pole come with those?” but it didn’t take long for me to admit that I was hooked on these hooker heels!

The Diba Wow Za boot hits just over your knee cap with a respectable 4 inch stiletto heel and is all wrapped up with a pretty little bow (literally) at the ankle. The synthetic leather is ruched from top to bottom giving it (obvs, in my opinion) a more fun, flirty appearance rather than if it had been structured.

It has a half zip closure on the inside of the boot from ankle to mid-calf. Lord knows I will never understand what manufacturer thought this was a helpful tool, but alas, that is what’s offered!

For you more muscular calved ladies like myself, this zip will do nothing for you but at least it will give your idle hands something to play with!

One more thing about these boots, they fit true to size. The rounded toe is a little narrow so my suggestion for anyone with a wider foot is to go a half size bigger so your little piggies have room to breathe!

Alright, it’s time to dish, my pretties.


I love the slouchy material. Like I said before, it’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s a little more playful so you can go casual or dressy.

The bow is adorable. Simple little details like that can really add to the personality of a shoe and with this particular boot, it works.

I love how sexy the over the knee height makes me feel. Strutting around in a pair of tights with these bitches on makes me want to walk all over you! Harsh? Nah, you’ll see what I mean!


I loathe the calf width. Every time I go in search for the perfect boot I seem to encounter this problem.

I danced and played soccer for at least 15years of my life and in being such an active superstar, I developed some sexy muscular calves. Then, some dainty dickhead came along and started making all these pretty boots but didn’t account for all us women who need a little more room in our boot.

Like shoes come in different foot sizes, they should also be offered in different boot widths. Awww…feels good to get that off my chest!

“They’re hot! Give me a pair in black, brown AND grey,” you say? Sorry ladies, the Diba Wow Za only comes in black *wah, wah, wahhhhhh* I think it’s lame that they aren’t offered in other colours but if all you’re looking for is a hot black boot then ding, ding ding, you’ve found it!

Finally, sometimes a new pair of boots can feel a little crampy around your tootsies until you properly break them in. Well cramp no longer girlfriend because I’ve got you covered with this handy little DIY tip on how to stretch your shoes that will save you from limping around, or having to go through the hassle of returning them.


Just be careful not to work it “Pretty Woman” style! There’s a line between sexy and slutty when it comes to pairing over the knee heeled boots with dresses.

Think more along the lines of a knitted fall dress rather than Julia Robert’s mini skirt and belly baring top!

Headed out for the night? Pair these bitches with leggings and a flow-y top. I would love to say wear it with skinny jeans but unless you have really tiny legs there probably won’t be enough room in the boot for this.

Alright, I’ve dissed and dug these boots. Pretty smitten over the ankle bow, but you be the judge now! Found something better?? Well then share the goods in the comment section below sole sistah!!










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