Frye Mimi Scrunch Boot

Frye Mimi Scrunch BootLast year I bought a killer pair of heeled leather boots. They were knee high with a scrunched shaft and incredibly uncomfortable and had no grip.

Now trust, I’m no stranger to the concept of pain for beauty, but sometimes you just want the best of both worlds. So how does one go about this? Read on my friend!

John A. Frye founded the Frye Company in 1863. This English shoe wizard began creating shoes with the sole (double entrendre intended) purpose of easing the lives of the factory workers.

As the company grew, so did the fashions, bringing us to the Frye Mimi Scrunch Boot.

This 3.5 inch heeled knee-high boot has a 1 inch platform and soft pointed toe. You can find this boot in all the classic Autumn tones; dark brown, cognac, taupe and black, which brings a happy little smile to my face because I love me some options!

What I Love

I’m seriously diggin the bomber jacket collar. It adds a unique element that many other boots don’t have.

The antiqued leather is pretty nice too. I must admit that I’ve spent my fair share of paycheques investing in a good pair of shoes, but holy Manolo’s these boots are pricey.

Wish I could knock off half the price but c’est la vie. Good news though, the Frye Company uses high quality leather so it’s worth it.

The quality also contributes to the boots durability. I’m sure you all know by now that I’m a fan of comfort and grip so the rubber outsole is a great asset. The thick heel helps with comfort as well. Sturdy and hot…hollllla!

What I Loathe

Ever pass by a two-toned vehicle and wonder what happened that the owner didn’t just paint the whole thing one colour?

Yea, the Frye Mimi Scrunch has a little of that going on.

The foot appears to be a darker shade of leather than the shaft (ha ha I said shaft). This may be a result of the antiquing but it’s weird. I’d much prefer if it was all the same shade, but because I love it so much the two-toned look isn’t enough to dissuade me from picking up a pair of these sexy soles!

With that being said, I’m not the biggest fan of the TLC required to keep these genuine leather bitch heels looking good.

Leather cream care or conditioning spray is required to protect the leather from the elements. The worse the weather, the more care.

The antiqued leather, though hot, is a tad high maintenance, and truthfully, if I wanted high maintenance, I’d be a Kardashian!

But if you’re still digging these sexy scrunch boots and are looking to save a few dimes on polish, check out my tricks for Homemade Shoe Polish!

Work It Girl

Alright, I’m pretty stoked with how great this boot looks with a sweater dress. The bomber collar really ties the outfit together. I’d say pair them with an actual bomber jacket but that would be a bit obvious.

Personally, I like this one…

Oh, and this one…

Damnit, this one is cute too…

*sigh* I heart sweater dresses.

Moving on.

The Frye Mimi Scrunch goes pretty well with skinny jeans and a tee too. It’s more of a casual boot so if you’re looking for something dressy for a night out on the town I would check out the Diba Wow Za or something similar.

But you’ve got to admit these boots do look cute with a hot pair of skinnies and a tee…

Looks like I’ve found another staple boot for ya. You. Are. Welcome!

Now as always, be sure to check these boots out yourself and of course, share your thoughts in the comment section below, because you know I love hearin’ what ma ladies think!

Until next time…walk tall ya’ll!

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