How to Break In Your Shoes

A pinched toe here, a little blister there. Doesn’t sound so bad when you’re ogling those pumps in the store window, but experiencing that pain? Well, it can make a day feel like it will go on forever.

We’ve all been in that situation where the shoe we love just nearly fits but it’s tight in a few areas. Like a good pair of jeans, over time the shoes’ material will give out a little and fit perfectly, but waiting for that to happen can have some unfortunate side effects.

Swollen feet, infected blisters and abused feet can be avoided. How, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Unlike my post on How to Stretch Your Shoes, I am going to help you painlessly break in those bad boys so they fit like a glove.

Cover Those Tootsies

Okay ladies, it’s time to dig deep in those bathroom cabinets and pull out that big ole’ bottle of isopropyl alcohol – that’s rubbing alcohol for those of you who are first aid challenged.

Pull on a pair of thick socks, spray the insides of your pumps with the alcohol then step right on in. It’s like a wet t-shirt contest for your feet…but without the t-shirt….and the wrong kind of alcohol.

The alcohol helps induce stretching in the material but only if you are wearing the shoes. Walk around, jump, dance, whatever your little heart desires until you start to feel the material give way. Do this a few days in a row and you should start to feel the difference.

Spot Treat It

If you’ve gone and bought yourself a pair of heels that only pinch a little in one area and you think you’re woman enough to suck up the pain, let me help you prevent that right off the bat.

First of all, identify the area causing the most pain and place moleskin on that area of the foot. Moleskin is a soft fabric with a sticky backing which makes it perfect for this exercise.

Once you have the moleskin on your feet, soak your feet in water then place them back in the shoes. As the moleskin expands in those troublesome areas it will help to stretch out the material. This has got to be the easiest form of spot treatment evah!

Hit The Kitchen

This final trick is a little strange, but it gets the job done. Head into your kitchen and find yourself some spuds.

That’s right; I’m talking about the apple of the earth, the staple food of the famines, the cornerstone to most North Americans obesity…the potato!

Peel that spud nice and good and shove it in the front of your shoe so it creates a bulge.

Left overnight, the potato acts as a natural stretcher so come morning, you should see some serious results.

We’ve been over this before, but I’ll say it again – buying ill-fitting shoes is just silly BUT

Pain is beauty and beauty is pain, baby.


Sometimes you just have to suck it up and take one for the team.

That being said, I’ve given you some great, quick tricks for your kicks. These easy at-home DIY’s will nip those pinched tootsies in the bud.

Of course, these aren’t the ONLY tricks in the book! And if you have any of your own, I want to hear them! Share your thoughts, tips, and tricks in the comment section below and let a sistah in on the goods!

Now off you go…those sales aren’t going to last forever and those shoes need a good home!


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