How To Stretch Your Shoes

Oh dear, you’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? Gone and bought yourself a pair of shoes that are just too tight but damned if you won’t try and squish your feet into them anyhow.

Sadly, we have all been there. Why someone would make a shoe that doesn’t fit my feet perfectly is beyond me, but c’est la vie!

I don’t know why it took me so many years to come up with the novel idea of stretching those bitches out. Seems like a logical next step, right? Leather was meant to be stretched and my feet were meant for those shoes.

Before I begin telling you my tried, tested and true DIY, I would like to say “You’re Welcome.”

You’re welcome for scouring the world wide web, conducting excruciating experiments and finally, coming up with the best way to stretch out your shoes simply so you won’t have to endure the same pain and suffering that I have!

Let’s get to it…

How To Stretch Your Shoes

I’m sure you’ve heard of the hair blower approach. If you haven’t, I’ll give you the long story short. Turn on your hair dryer, blow it against your shoe and Voila, your feet will fit in those heels like Cinderella and her glass slipper.


So, so very wrong! Think of it this way, you blow dry your hair for too long and what happens to it? It burns and becomes destroyed. Same thing happens to your shoes. Though the idea of using heat to stretch the material is half way in the right direction, for the love of Louboutin, do not do this!

Instead, do as the injured athletes do and pretend you are healing a strained muscle: alternate between cold and warm!

Here’s the step-by-step:

1. Fill up two Ziploc bags half-way with water. If the shoes are more than a little tight (you ambitious heel whore, you!) add a little extra water. Make sure the bags are sealed nice and tight and are leak-proof!

2. Place one bag in each shoe…duh!

3.  Place your water-bagged shoes in the freezer and bugger off! You heard me. Step away from
the freezer!

4. For the not-so-science-prone shoeaholics out there, when water freezes it expands. In doing so, it will gradually stretch out your shoes. Again, this takes time so don’t pull those babies out of the freezer till you feel the water bags are good and solid!

5. Once your shoes have been properly chilled, remove from freezer, throw those bags away and immediately place your feet in the shoes.

That’s right, it’s about to get cold up in hurrr – but not as cold as walking barefoot in the dead of winter because your dumb ass purchased too tight shoes! And let’s be honest, the last thing you want is to be this girl  –>

6. Sadly, step 6 is the going to feel like the longest but it’s where the magic happens. As your body temperature naturally warms up the material it will begin to mold to your foot.

Allow the material enough time to set so you don’t have to repeat this entire process. Like step 4, this takes time so load up some t.v shows and catch up on your favourite dramas!

7. Here’s the really satisfying part; you will be complimented on how cute your shoes are and this is where you get to take pride in all the hard work you’ve put into them. Smile, say “thank you,” and walk away! Walk away because you can…because they fit…You.Are.Welcome!

Not only did I save you a hassle in having to return your ill-fitting shoes but I also saved your tootsies some serious anguish. Because hey, I’m nice like that. *wink*

Now I want to hear from you ladies, have you ever tried the freezer method or do you have a handy DIY trick you wanna share? Leave a comment below with your tips and tricks and unleash your inner DIY diva!

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