The Jessica Simpson Calie: A Classic Pump

Jessica Simpson CalieEvery girl has a pair; that classic pump that never goes out of style and can be dressed up or dressed down. If you don’t, ohhhh girls have I got one for you!

The Jessica Simpson Calie pump is the perfect combination of feminine, familiar and versatile style. This easy slip-on shoe gives off a sleek silhouette with its 4inch heel and rounded toe.

Fret not ladies, it’s not too rounded so you won’t come off looking like a little girl trying on mommy’s shoes, aka my favourite past time growing up! Offered in both patent leather and suede, the Jessica Simpson Calie also boasts several colour options!

If you want a punch of colour to really make your outfit pop choose Blue Iris or Lipstick Red! More on the conservative side? Nude and Black are always classic options! Or if you are like me and just like a good selection, get one of each! After all, a girl can never have too many options.

But let’s get down to the knitty gritty, shall we?

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What I love

I personally LOVE the shoe shape and colour palette offered. There’s nothing worse than finding a heel you really love but it only comes in one colour or one material!! Snoooze!

Want to know what else I love? The weight of the shoe! You may laugh now but stepping into a heavy heeled shoe can really drag you down…literally! Weighing in at only 9oz a pair, these feather light pumps will have you striding high!

Alas, to every pro, there is a con.

What I loathe

So far I’m not really diggin’ the lack of comfortability this shoe has to offer. The high arch that helps create that sexy silhouette adds a major ouch factor to the balls of your feet. My suggestion? Add a gel insert to ball area! After all, if they hurt they probably look amazing.

Work It Girl

Need some style tips? Glam up your gams in one of the neutral colours and rock a flower frock…that’s right, I’m a poet and you’se about to know it! The height is justtttt right so you get the illusion of longer legs that will make your pretty dress all the better.

Interested in a more colourful option? Opt for the Jessica Simpson Calie in Bermuda Pink Kidsuede and whip out that little black number you’ve been hiding in your closet. The burst of colour will cause every man, woman and shoe lover to give you a double-take!

Add a more neutral toned clutch to your outfit and BOOM, you’re ready to hit the clubs! Just don’t forget those toe inserts or you will be limping around like it’s your first time in a pair of stems.

Alright heel whores, I’ve loved it, loathed it, and styled you to the nine’s! Now I want to hear from you!

Are you diggin’ the Jessica Simpson Calie or have you seen better? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I love feedback and talkin’ shoes so don’t by shy, speak yo’ mind!

Now get outta here and show the world your sexy new shoes!

Click HERE To Order Your Own Callie From Zappos

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