Naturalizer Maude

naturalizer maudeWe all know that finding a cute flat and a comfortable flat often mean sacrificing one of those two things. You want cute, be prepared to hurt. You want comfy, well hell…just call me grandma!

It seems I may have discovered a little gem for ya then!

The Naturalizer Maude is a leather flat sitting on a 5/8inch heel with a delightful woven detail over the toe. Feather-light at only 6oz, these little nuggets are casual and professional.

You can find this flat in 6 different shades of genuine leather. That’s right, I said genuine leather. And apparently this is the week for finding non-slip shoes because, like the Nine West Danee has a gripped outsole.

So if running through airports in heels isn’t your thing, these ought to keep you from falling flat too!

What I Love 

Naturalizer has created a comfort system called N5 aptly qualifying 5 separate elements to aide in keeping your tooties happy.

So, what are these 5 elements? Patience, young grasshopper, I’m getting there!

The first element is a flexible insole, so the shoe moves with you. Second is their feather-light weight so you aren’t trudging around in your flats. Extra cushioning softens every step, while the ergonomic heel “helps you hit each stride naturally.” []

Finally, the Naturalizer Maude has a breathable lining so you can stay cool, calm, collected and stink-free all day long. Aww, a leather shoe that won’t make my feet sweat – order me 10!

We’ve all heard of those nasty things called bunions, also known as Hallux valgas for all you smarty pants out there, which cause a lot of pain and discomfort when wearing shoes.

Long story short, bunions are a deviation of the big toe most often described as an enlargement of your big toe bone or tissue. I’ve heard from several sources that these shoes are just fab for bunion-bearing shoe whores.

I suppose there’s something to this N5 comfort system after all!

What I Loathe

Like every other leather shoe I’ve owned, these flats stretch…and stretch, and stretch. If you wear these a lot, you’ll be flipping out of the heel in no time.

Another complaint, the toe is wide. And when I say wide, I mean all you narrow-footed Nancy’s will be swimming in the toe region like a fish in the sea. As always, I have a great suggestion for you: grow wider feet or order a size smaller.

Worried they won’t stretch a whole size larger? Check out more of my awesome tips in the DIY Diva section, aptly titled: How to Stretch Your Shoes.

Work It Girl

Like I said before, comfort and style are working in your favour with these shoes. Bonus, they’re professional enough to wear to work.

The adaptable style and neutral shades look great with a skirt suit if you are working in an office or classroom, but look just as great paired with jeggings and a hot halter for a night out.

If you are off to an interview but don’t want to pull out the heels (though, I couldn’t possibly understand why not – crazy!), I’ve heard from reputable sources that clean, smart flats like the Naturalizer Maude and a pant suit will impress!

Lucky for us, flats are super in style right now. Like I mentioned in my Fall Trends post, metallic is a huge hit this coming season and you can definitely snatch a pair of these babies with a hint of glint!

So that’s that! I’ve loved and I’ve loathed and now I want to hear from you ladies, so let me know what you think of these beauties by posting a comment below!

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