The Nine West Danee: A Shoe With Options!

Nine West DaneeI was strutting through the airport the other day when I literally had to stop in my tracks to watch this chick in heels.

No, no. It was not because she was wearing awesome heels; it was because she looked like a baby deer finding its legs for the first time. You know what I’m talking about; knobby kneed and struggling to stay vertical. Yeah, not a good look.

I have yet to walk into an airport that wasn’t designed out of concrete, but please, if you have, indulge me! That being said, wear appropriate shoes. If you aren’t willing to add grip to the bottom of your shoes then save yourself the embarrassment and wear flats.

The reason I’m going on this rant is because I’ve been on the search for a heel with grip.

Though I think dishing out $5 for sole grips is a good investment, I’d rather have a shoe that was designed to keep me standing to begin with!

The Nine West Danee (bless their soles..umm, I mean souls) has done just that. Textured outsole grips! So simple, but so sweet.

These 4inch sassy heels have a 1/2inch platform and come in 16 different uppers! Leather, glitter, suede and fabric; oh my!

Sleek, classic pumps with a twist and a peep toe. Do me a favour and get a damn pedicure if you plan on wearing a peep toe, will ya? The shoe may be cute, but it will not take away from the fact that your toes are nasty and in desperate need of some TLC.

Alright, now down to the good stuff.

What I Love

This mama loves the GLITTER! I mean, who knew something so simple could be so exciting!

Obvs, I love the outsole grip; you read the rant! A good peep toe is also a win in my books.

Though I don’t love all the colour combinations/designs, I love most of them, and I love that the Nine West Danee gives you so many freakin’ options.

You can get solids, floral prints, GLITTER and even colour-blocking, which is a Fall trend.

What I Loathe

Ok, this is going to sound weird but I promise I’m not the only one who has said this…the right shoe tends to be bigger than the left.

Unless all of these shoes are being shipped right from the display shelf, this is just a strange coincidence but definitely something to watch out for.

Like the Jessica Simpson Calie, this shoe is classic and sleek but falls slightly flat in the comfort department. Not only that, but it cramps your toes if you have wider feet.

Word on the street is not even gel inserts can cure this. One more word of advice; these shoes run big so considering ordering a half size smaller.

Work It Girl

If you like wearing heels with every kind of outfit then you are in luck!

The shape and height of this shoe pair great with jeans and the colourful designs can really make that dress pop. The Nine West brand also designs jewellery and handbags so you can find matching accessories.

Worried that a peep toe isn’t appropriate for Fall? Fret not! Pair them with a sexy skinny jean and knit sweater, paint your toes a nice neutral shade and you will pull these puppies right into next season!

Ok heel loving whores – I’ve hand-picked you a heel that will keep you upright in an airport (quite the feat) and judged the hell out of it.

As always, let me know what you really think in the comment section below. More importantly, let me know if your right foot is bigger than the left. Maybe we’re all just freaks! Either way, share it, tweet it, pin it, like it, spread it, just share that shit!

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